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A new website

Thanks for your continued support. Celensoft is always growing. Millions of users around the globe are using our software’s to get things done. We are truly dedicated to what we do and as a part of our dedication to our beloved users we have launched our new website Celensoft.com. Yes! Finally we now own our own domain. Please feel free to click on the link below and start exploring our new website.

We are Celensoft, the creators of amazing products such as Super Web and Instant. We develop software for the world with openness in mind. Want a software build for you ? Then you are at the right place. Welcome to Celensoft.

We offer the following efficient and economical services 

We full fill your needs economically and beautifully. You come to know how economical and efficient we are when you sign a contract with us.

We change the world through amazing products that we create. Have a look at what we make.

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