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Cool new updates to Instant

Celensoft Instant version 1.5.2 has a lot more than the previous version. New features such as Quick Note and multiple work space creation  has pushed the purchase rate of Instant. We will be providing free updates to existing Instant customers.

Super Web 14 has come alive opening a new era of web browsing. Download it for free here

Super Web brings the next era of computing into your PC.Celensoft Super Web comes with ultrafast Java-Script Engine and more...

Celensoft Super Web is available free from Celensoft Store.

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A new website

Thanks for your continued support. Celensoft is always growing. Millions of users around the globe are using our software’s to get things done. We are truly dedicated to what we do and as a part of our dedication to our beloved users we have launched our new website Celensoft.com. Yes! Finally we now own our own domain. Please feel free to click on the link below and start exploring our new website.

Super Web 16, the best web browser ever.

Thanks to the millions around the globe for choosing Super Web. If you are a proud user of Celensoft Super Web it is your time. Super Web, the best browser the world had ever see is making a next giant leap.

Super Web 16 is the fastest web browser in the world with lots of features that is absent in any other browser. Speed is what we have focused and that is what we have gained. Super Web 16 is twice as fast as Google Chrome. I am not joking, see it yourself when it arrives and you will know that I was serious.
We have redesigned the entire browser and gave it a new modern look.We added more HTML 5 and WebGL support. Now the graphics on the webpage will run twice faster than before. New features such as top sites have been added to Super Web hence you can add your unique websites to the new tab page. Super Web ranked really high in customer satisfaction. We need that and that is more than any downloads to us. I take this opportunity to thank everyone for supporting and helping Super Web in its long journey.

We keep coding....
Celento C George

Closing down Celensoft Flip

We are closing down Celensoft Flip. It may make you sad but that is a reality. Celensoft Flip will go Offline from September 1.

You can visit Celensoft Flip Page here

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Celensoft Instant

Celensoft Instant is a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and email client  for Windows. 

Super Web 15

Super Web comes with new major features including Translate, Bookmarks bar, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus integration.

Download Super Web now to experience the change.

Download Now

Super Web 14

An amazinging fast,fulid and free web browser, Celensoft Super Web 14 has now come true to redefine the web in the way that our users will love. So have a look at the most powerful web browser ever. Download Celensoft Super Web 14 today.

New Logo:New Era

Celensoft introduced its new logo in the month of October officially and gained a large support for the new amazing logo which stands out at every aspect it is looked. Many of our customers have already reviewed on this logo and said it is great for the new leap at Celensoft . We love using that tiny little logo everywhere as possible and hope you also enjoy seeing it.

History of Our Most Downloaded Product - Celensoft Super Web

Super Web created a foundation for Celensoft. It is the most downloaded Celensoft product last year grossing more than 32000 downloads.

Super Web began its real browsing since 2011 Februvary.In less than two years it had become the favorite browser of many.

As it is sold at no cost it becomes further solid 

  • 2008 December 8 - First Super Web released. Ignored release 
  • 2009 May 5          -Super Web 2 released with instant 24 hr. Answer replacing 48 hrs. Ignored release  
  • 2009 August 13    -Super Web 3 released with more powerful search option ( Still takes 24 hrs.). Ignored release
  • 2010 January 18 -Super Web 4 released with 12 hr. more instant answering. Ignored release
  • 2010 February 19 - Super Web 5 released. Redesigned with same features. Ignored release
  • 2010 May 5          -Super Web 6 released. Ignored release
  • 2010 December 11-Super Web 7 (known as Cloze) released. Redefined browsing with sample reference.(A startup)
  • 2011 February 7 -Super Web 8 released, first instant answering, original internet browsing, Windows based,fast,fluid
  • 2011 February 16 - Super Web 9 emerged. It was much improved in the field of design and power
  • 2011 March 14 -Super Web 10.The most successful version of Super Web was released. It included a slimmer and                                unique profile and great browsing experience
  • 2011 April 27 - Super Web 11 was released but it did not gain that success of its predecessor 
  • 2011 December 2 - Super Web 12. Still Super Web 10 was ruling the market
  • 2012 May 5 - Super Web 13. The most powerful web browser ever. Stunning and lot of more features. It was a great success and a great leap for Celensoft